In a Galaxy not so Far Away…
There's a disruption in the force whenever the Death Star is lurking, since this huge battle station is capable of annihilating the entire world in under a second. Under the command of the evil Emperor and his former Jedi Knight, Darth Vader, the Death Star has been the target of rebel forces since it was constructed for evil. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo lead the forces to rescue Princess Leia from the evil clutches of Vader and then the three team together, along with the rest of the rebel forces, bring freedom to the galaxy by targeting and destroying the Death Star. In an electrifying scene at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope, Luke, Han and other pilots fly directly into the Death Star with the intention of destroying it fully at its core.

Despite the success of the rebel forces in this film, the Death Star lives on in a transformer toy that morphs into a Darth Vader action figure in just a few simple steps. In Darth Vader mode, the toy comes complete with a light saber and blaster weapons to help Vader find victory in the toughest battles. As the Death Star, the figure will include a tiny Darth Vader figure to pilot the craft, and Star Wars Transformers Tie Fighter mini vehicles. Both modes include electronic lights and sounds that will make the play experience that much more fun.

The Death Star Transformer is the perfect addition to the collection of any Star Wars fan, and the multi-purpose of the toy is guaranteed to keep your youngsters happy and entertained. The high quality of construction means that your Star Wars collector will also delight in this Death Star replica and will enjoy displaying it with his collection - when he is not secretly removing it from its perch for a little play action of his own! Now you can act out the ultimate battle of good vs. evil with this Death Star Transformer.

For boys and girls, young and old, Star Wars has been and continues to be one of the most popular themes in toys and games today. With the recent introduction of the last three movies in the series, a whole new generation has discovered the fun and excitement of the Star Wars story. Nurture that interest in your favourite series by giving your child a Star Wars Transformer that will bring hours of fun. And may the force by with you.


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