Be the Proud Owner of Optimus Prime
Rule the universe with your very own leader of the autobots, Optimus Prime. A big rig by day, this transformer can quickly morph into major battle mode when he senses that his arch enemy, Megatron is nearby. Optimus Prime has travelled the universe for many years with a single goal of keeping it safe from the evil clutches of Megatron and his gang as he searches for the Allspark and its restorative powers. His body has evolved into a fighting machine that is prepared for even the toughest battle to save the world and freedom.

Now you can add Optimus Prime to your transformer collection, and an important addition he will be. This warrior will use Advanced Automorph Technology to make the switch from a rig into an autobot in no time at all, with plenty of fighting action to delight every transformer fan in your bunch. Partially animated triggers will convert this transformer into a fighter ready for final battle mode, with an armour slide to protect all of his vulnerable points. Once Optimus Prime is in robot mode, you can launch a projectile at your enemy by flipping down the Ion Blaster. In vehicle mode, the button can be pushed for sounds, lights and a truck horn.

Kids everywhere are collecting the transformer action figures, and as the leader of the pack, Optimus Prime will be a key member of any collection. From the movie to the toys, Transformers are a trend that is here to stay, and children of all ages are enjoying this action hero sensation. There are few things cooler than a toy that can be played two different ways, and transformers fit the bill. Kids can play with them as vehicles, and then transform them to robots when they are ready to act out the final battle of the universe. With bright colours, durable parts that are easy for smaller hands to manipulate and plenty of electronic touches, this toy is sure to delight young and old.

Give your youngster what he wants this year, with a complete transformer collection that will allow him to act out any battle where good is sure to triumph. (Yes, the transformers are the good guys!) There is not a boy in the world who will not love a game that includes vehicles and robots, and transformers have got it all. This guy is perfect for any child over the age of five who loves a good battle!


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