Send Your Love with a Message in a Bottle
You don't have to be living on the high seas or stranded on a desert island to send a message in a bottle to your special recipient. With this unique gift, you can bring the sea home with a personalized message to boot. In the electronic age of email and text messaging, what better way to show someone you care than with a good, old-fashioned handwritten note tucked inside a bottle for safekeeping. You can send a token of your undying love, a unique and unforgettable thank you note, or simply say hello and raise someone's spirits with this unusual medium. Your message is sure to be opened and read when it comes in such a fun and different sort of packaging.

Simply type the message that you would like to send on the order page along with the name and address of your recipient, and within five business days, your chosen person will receive a treasure box in the mail (much more reliable than tossing that bottle in the open sea!). Open the lid, and inside he will find beach sand, a handful of shells, and a glass bottle containing a scroll printed version of your message. How fun to send the unexpected to someone who is - well - not expecting it! The message gets read, and your recipient gets to save the note and all of the beach toys as a token of your affection.

What a perfect way to wish a young man in your family "Happy Birthday" or let someone special know exactly how much she means to you. Wouldn't your Dad or Mom get a kick out of this unique way to send your love for Mother's Day or Father's Day? What a fun way to let someone who is laid up know that you are hoping he gets better soon, or thank your sister for her hospitality on your last visit. And if you don't have anyone to send a message to right now, simply have the treasure box shipped directly to you so you are ready for the next occasion that comes along.

Summer is coming, and what a perfect way to celebrate the season than with a pirate's version of long distance communication. No matter what your reason for sending a personalized message to someone, this treasure box and message in a bottle will fit the bill. Avast, ye mateys, it's time to raise the sail and let someone special know you are thinking of him!


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