Say I Love You with an Everlasting Candy Heart
Sweets are neat, but your significant other deserves a token that will last longer than a day or two. Let your special someone know that your love is here to stay with a sterling silver or gold-plated love heart that he or she can treasure forever. These tiny hearts are reminiscent of the candy conversation hearts that you used to pass out to classmates in school. Remember those? The ones that you would search through carefully to find just the perfect message for that cute boy that sat across the room for you or the girl in your class that always made your heart flutter a bit.

Those candy hearts were fine for a schoolboy crush or a first fling, but grownup love requires a grownup gift that will represent your true feelings for the love of your life. And while you could tell that special someone how you feel, how much better to put your money where your mouth is with a gift that is as valuable as she is. These "I love you" hearts can by kept in a purse or pocket so that your mate will think of you all day long. What a perfect token of your esteem and affection!

These discs come in either sterling silver or gold plate, and are embossed on the front with a heart and the words, "I love you." The back includes a simple heart shape embossed on the surface. This token comes in a box designed to look like a container of the sweet hearts, but when your recipient removes the wrapper, she will find a glimmer of silver or gold inside in a beautiful keepsake container.

These little hearts make the perfect gift for men and women alike, and will let your special someone know that he is thought of and loved by yours truly. Choose from sterling silver or gold-plated, depending on the taste of your recipient. Give it alone or with a tube of those cute heart-shaped conversation sweets for a perfect gift that will bring back memories of the girls on the playground he used to notice or the boys lining the wall of her first formal dance. For a beautiful, unique keepsake that will show your true feelings in no uncertain terms, send the gift of love in our "I love you" heart.


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