Give the Ultimate Gift of Love: Your Last Rolo
There is truly no better way to declare your undying love than to share your last piece of chocolate in the roll with that special someone. What an act of selfless sacrifice and genuine devotion! But seriously, who wants to give up the last chocolate just to say "I love you"? Now there is a better way to let that special person know that you are committed to her or him100% without sacrificing a single bit of chocolate to the cause. Instead of offering the last Rolo in your roll, give the gift of a silver Rolo keepsake that will let your significant other know that you care enough to give up that last chocolate (almost)!

Now you can give the gift of a silver Rolo chocolate to represent that last foil-wrapped piece in the roll. This Last Rolo is a wonderful token of your affection, and will last much longer than the regular chocolate version - as you can assure your recipient with an insatiable sweet tooth. In fact, the fine crafting of this silver Rolo means that your mate will enjoy this token of love forever if he or she chooses, with a perfect keepsake that will always make them think of you. This allows you to give a sweet, thoughtful gift while you get to snarf down the roll of chocolates with nary a hint of guilt involved.

The last Rolo is constructed of Sterling Silver, and is marked as such. You can also choose a gold-plated option of this trinket if you prefer. This cute, chunky piece is carefully crafted to look precisely like the real thing - only in a lot more expensive and valuable form. The Rolo chocolate also comes in a beautiful keepsake box that resonates with the love and romance that this tiny token evokes in a big way. There is no better token of your affection than a silver or gold Rolo that will tickle the fancy and touch the heart of your special recipient.

You may not love him or her enough to give them your last piece of chocolate, but silver or gold trinkets are the perfect way to show your affection without giving up those sweet treats for yourself. Love is forever and sweets are neat - and you can have both with the last silver or gold Rolo in a beautiful keepsake box. Love is sweet.


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