A Carefree Pet makes a Perfect Gift
Are you looking for the perfect gift for the animal lover who can't have any live pets of his own? Perhaps he lives in a building that does not allow any live critters of the four-legged kind, or his allergies prohibit anything with fur from entering his dwelling. Maybe he travels too much to be able to care for a pet that needs daily food and attention. Now your friend can have the pet of his dreams and he is guaranteed to not make messes or starve to death if he forgets to offer sustenance. Welcome to the wonderful world of Gupi.

Gupi is a life-like guinea pig that is completely electronic and interactive. No biting, no smell and no messy cage to grapple with if you bring this furry critter home. With a computer chip for a brain, this little guy is exceedingly intelligent and looks, feels and acts like the real thing. If you neglect him in the attention department, he may slink off to a dark corner to hide and sulk. However, if you give him the love and affection he craves, he is guaranteed to follow you anywhere. Let him out of his box home, and his sensors will allow him to scuttle about the house without bumping into any objects in the process. Your genuine cat or dog are sure to go bananas with this furry computerized creature scurrying about the house!

Gupi even likes to play with you by working his way through a maze in an impressive way indeed for an electronic toy. If you flash a light in his path, he will follow along so you can lead him on the trail that you choose. Gupi looks, feels and sounds like the real McCoy, but without leaving little "surprises" on your carpet or nipping at your fingertips. What a perfect pet for the person who loves furry critters but can't even remember to water his houseplants to keep them alive.

However, don't think you're off the hook in the feeding department entirely just because the innards of this pet are filled with nuts, bolts and computer technology. Gupi comes with a carrot-shaped adaptor that will keep his battery humming along smoothly, so feed him you will if you want that tiny electronic body to keep moving and shaking to your commands. Gupi can make the perfect pet for anyone on your list, with plenty of cute and relatively little care. A guinea pig chock full of computer technology and interactive abilities is the perfect furry addition to any home!


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