Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Where can You Be?
When it comes to protecting humans from the evil clutches of Megatron and the Decepticons, Bumblebee is your man. A fierce warrior who is always ready to enjoy a good joke, Bumblebee is fiercely loyal to his friends, like Sam, and ready to defend them from his enemies at all costs. His quest for the Allspark and its healing abilities is a never ending one, because he knows that this object must be kept from the Decepticons at all costs to prevent invincibility on the wrong side. Although he spends his days disguised as a yellow Camaro, he is always on alert and ready to morph into his fighting, robotic body.

To transform your own Bumblebee figure, simply push a button to bring your autobot to life. That's right; this guy will morph from a vehicle to a fighter with a single button. No attempts at figuring out which way the legs bend or how to hide the car wheels behind the robotic weaponry. What could be easier, especially for moms trying to help kids with the transforming process? As a fast car, this toy comes complete with the realistic sounds of a revving engine, a horn and even a car alarm. It will even play nine different songs, including "Whip It!" by Devo - a sure favourite for parents stuck in the 80's!

As a fighter, this transformer comes complete with animated head, wings and arms. His plasma cannon will aim and fire a missile at his enemy, and the robot will say 19 different phrases like, "Take that, Decepticon!" and "Let's roll out!" This is the perfect action figure for young and old alike, and will bring hours of playtime fun to any Transformer fan in your bunch. Whether your son wants to drive the Camaro around the house or engage in the ultimate battle with his Bumblebee autobot, he will love having this toy in his Transformer collection.

No Transformer collection is complete without this action figure in its midst. Bumblebee is the trusted, loyal friend of the humans as well as the autobot world, and can always be counted on as a fierce warrior who will defend those he is faithful to at any cost. If you know a child who is working on his Transformer collection, Bumblebee will certainly make the perfect addition. Thanks to this important autobot, the human world is safe from Megatron and his cronies once again!


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