What's on Tap for Your Next Party?
Are you tired of hosting parties with the old galvanized tub filled with cans of the brew of your choice? Are you wishing that there was a way to enjoy hand drawn pints of your favourite ale right in the comfort of your own home? Now you can, with the Wunderbar beer chill dispenser that keeps your beer cold and serves it with style. Your next party is sure to be a hit with the professional services of the Wunderbar beer chill dispenser and a keg of your preferred brew. You may find your entertaining efforts to be so impressive to your friends that you may never get them to leave - at least not until the keg runs dry!

The Wunderbar beer chill dispenser makes enjoying a draught beer even easier than heading down to your local pub and laying your money down at the bar. Simply purchase a 5-litre keg of your favourite beverage from your local alcohol merchant, insert it into the dispenser and give the unit a few hours to cool to the perfect temperature. A digital LED display will control the temperature and let you know when that brew is ripe for the pouring. That's right, a single keg and a bit of time is all it takes to enjoy ice cold brew with the perfect amount of fizz to create a beautiful head on every glass of beer that is drawn. Mmm, you can almost taste that amber ale right now, can't you?

The Wunderbar beer chill dispenser will give you a good old-fashioned pint any time you have a hankering, but don't let the charm of the unit fool you. This baby can go from 25C to 5C in a matter of hours with a high tech internal thermo cooling system, display the current temperature using modern LED lighting and adjust the temperature to your liking. This unit is compatible with more than 300 European beer brands and can be used with 4, 5 and 6 litre kegs. For serving, the Wunderbar beer chill dispenser cannot be beat with a high quality tap system and a drip tray to keep things neat and tidy.
If you deserve the best in brews, go for the Wunderbar beer chill dispenser. Hand drawn beer can be yours right in the comfort of your own home. Beer is not included in the purchase of the dispenser, nor is the dartboard or the television showing your favourite football game. With the Wunderbar beer chill dispenser and a few key accessories (like the dartboard and the television), your home is guaranteed to be the most popular place on your street.


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