Have a Ball with the One you Love
You want to spend quality time with your significant other, but dinner and a movie just don't do it for you. You are looking for adventure, excitement and thrills that will offer a bonding experience that the two of you will not soon forget. Consider the sport of sphereing, where you are placed in a large, inflatable ball together and rolled down hills for the thrill ride of your life with a G force that is comparable to many amusement park rides. Not interesting enough for you? Take away the harnesses that are designed to keep you in place and add 30 litres of water to the mix. Now you've got aqua sphereing for two - the ultimate ride to bring you together and give you the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.

Are you wondering what this aqua sphere is like? Consider a washing machine set to cold on the spin cycle. You've got aqua sphereing. Now take away any type of restraint system, so you are jostling and bumping together like your dirty socks in that machine. Yeah. You are sphereing to the max in a thrill ride that will delight, terrorize and maybe make you a little nauseous in the process. In aqua sphereing, you and your partner are placed into a ball with 30 litres of bottle and no restraints. You slip and slide as you are rolled down hills in this 12-foot inflatable ball that can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Hang on tight and prepare for extreme wetness in the ride of your life!

Aqua sphereing for two is available on selected weekdays and weekends from April through September. There are locations in both Crewe and North London for your convenience. There is height and age restrictions to this activity, so check the fine print before signing up for your own sphereing adventure. It is also recommended that women who are pregnant, those with certain medical conditions and people who have had surgery within the past year refrain from aqua sphereing. It is important to note that the person running the activity can turn you down for participation if he sees a good reason for doing so. Make sure that you are in good health, and are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol before signing up for aqua sphereing for two.

What better way to bond than in a giant, inflatable beach ball filled with water and rolling down hills at top speeds. For the adventure seekers of the bunch, aqua sphereing for two will definitely satisfy that hunger for thrills. Roll on.

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