Novelty Gifts for the Hard to Please
Is gift giving getting you down? Are you tired of wrapping up the same old shirts and ties, jewellery and books? You need look no further than these offerings that take novelty gifts to a whole new level. Most of the selections that you will find here are particularly suited for the hard to please men on your list, although women are guaranteed to love a number of them as well - check out the Gupi guinea pig for cute with a capital 'C'. Husbands, fathers and brothers are all sure to get a kick out of the gifts we have brought to you here. Whether you are shopping for a football fan, a party guy or a thrill seeking adventure monger, we've got you covered with some high quality gifts to please the most discerning on your list.

And we haven't limited our selection to the grownups only. If you have got some young boys to buy for and you are not sure what the juvenile male crowd is into today, we've got the perfect choices for you. Transformers are huge business right now, whether it is the trademark Transformers from the movie and television show, or the Star Wars transformers that will morph from evil battle station to evil tyrant in just a few quick and easy moves. When it comes to toys for boys, we've got the cream of the crop right here with action figures that are sure to entertain for many hours of fun.

The bigger boys will delight in the beer dispenser that will make any party the best on your street, and a personalized football book that will turn your football fan into an expert on his team practically overnight. Adventure lovers will adore the aqua sphereing for two, but beware! You may be his partner of choice to careen down hills with nothing between the ground and the two of you than a piece of inflatable rubber and a few litres of water!

For the romantics in the bunch, how about a commemorative candy heart crafted of sterling silver or gold plate? You can also share your last Rolo with your special someone - in the silver or gold variety as well. And if you are looking for a unique way to let someone know how you feel about them, try the traditional message in a bottle complete with beach sand, seashells and a treasure box. No matter who your special recipient is and where his tastes lie, you can find the perfect, unique gift on the following pages. Shop well, shop wisely and shop early for the best selection. Happy hunting!


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